The Supply of Water

FracPure™ Water Treatment Systems create fresh water from multiple contaminated wastewater sources. Over the next few years, the natural gas industry will require billions of gallons of fresh water in the Marcellus Shale for the drilling process hydraulic fracturing or fraccing.

By creating new fresh water sources from contaminated wastewaters, FracPure™ is providing an enormous environmental benefit to our country’s water resources.

Wastewater sources that can be treated for fraccing include:
Wastewater treatment plants
Sewage plants
Mine water effluent
Other industrial wastewaters

In Pennsylvania, FracPure™ is creating pure water from abandoned mine effluents and Acid Mine Drainage sources in close proximity to natural gas sites, reducing trucking costs for frac water supply. (See the maps below for details.)

FracPure™ creates new water supplies from previously contaminated water. Water supply is a huge
concern for natural gas companies, government and citizen groups. Currently, 4-6 million gallons of fresh
water required for each well has been drawn from rivers, lakes and streams.

Acquiring water rights is a time consuming and costly process for natural gas companies. Studies on environmental impact must be done before well or water pumping permits can be issued, taking up to two years.

FracPure™ eliminates the need to strain water resources to develop natural gas. This provides significant environmental and economic benefits for natural gas companies and our nation.

FracPure™ is the most environmental and cost effective solution for COMPLETE Frac Water Remediation. For more informatin on FracPure™:

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