Crystalization / Desalinization

Turns Previously Contaminated Water into Pure Salt Products & Distilled Water
The FracPure™ process turns flowback and produced water from natural gas sites into 99.7% pure salt products for
beneficial uses and distilled water that can be returned to the water supply or used in fraccing operations.

At the end of the process beneficial products are produced:

99.7% Pure dry salts for water softening
99.7% liquid salts for road de-icing and erosion control
Distilled water is the only liquid discharge, which exceeds the recognized drinking water standard from the EPA and all state environmental regulatory groups of 500 parts per million of total dissolved solids.

The FracPure™ Process averages 100 parts per million or less of total dissolved solids, which is safe to return to the water table and release into rivers and streams.

Localized FracPure Brine Treatment Plants

Integrated Water Technologies will strategically select locations regionally throughout the Marcellus Shale. This will reduce trucking costs from the drill sites and allow for handling large volumes of brine locally.

Each plant creates 25-30 new jobs for ongoing operation, not including construction, transport, manufacturing and operating FracPure™ brine treatment plants.

FracPure™ is the most environmental and cost effective solution for COMPLETE Frac Water Remediation. For more information on FracPure™:

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