Integrated Water Technologies creates cost effective and comprehensive plans to solve the most complex water remediation challenges in the world.

Integrated Water Technologies can remove a wide range of water contaminants including:
Heavy metals
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
Organics & Total Suspended Solids (TSS)
Heavy Salt Brines
Heavy Oils
Gray Water

We are advancing water treatment technologies to develop new water supplies from contaminated waters, create on-site industrial wastewater re-use programs and provide solutions for constantly increasing discharge, disinfection and drinking water standards.

We will innovatively apply sound engineering and scientific principles to meet the varying requirements for these and other industries:

Wastewater Treatment
Hydrocarbon Processing
Natural Disaster Response
Oil and Gas
Semiconductor & Solar

Natural Gas
FracPure™ cost effectively solves the environmental problem of hydraulic fracturing. Natural gas companies can eliminate CERCLA and Superfund liabilities by using the world’s only 100% frac water remediation, which was proven in a demonstration to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Integrated Water Technologies is treating mining wastewater effluents, such as Acid Mine Drainage to meet EPA and all State environmental regulatory groups’ recognized drinking water standard of 500 PPM.

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Integrated Water Technologies, Inc.
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