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Environmental & Economic Benefits

Natural Gas Customers

FracPure is the most environmental and cost effective solution for frac water management.

FracPure solves the environmental problem of hydraulic fracturing with complete frac water remediation. Natural gas companies can eliminate CERCLA and Superfund liabilities by using the world’s only 100% frac water remediation, which was proven in a demonstration to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. FracPure™ provides wastewater remediation that will meet Chapter 95 of the Pennsylvania Wastewater Treatment Requirements. At the end of the FracPure™ process beneficial products are produced:

99.7% Pure dry salts for water softening
99.7% liquid salts for road de-icing and erosion control
Distilled Water averaging less than 100 PPM (Parts Per Millon) Total Dissolved Solids, exceeding the EPA and all state regulatory agencies recognized drinking water standard of 500 PPM.


Government Agencies
Integrated Water Technologies has acted as a collaborating partner with Local, State and Federal governments and environmental agencies in preserving our nation’s water resources through safe and environmentally responsible remediation of produced waters from the natural gas and mining industries.

FracPure™ water treatment technologies create new water supplies from multiple contaminated wastewaters, including Acid Mine Drainage. This provides much needed relief for our rivers, streams and public water supplies which are currently used to supply the 4-6 million gallons required for each natural gas drill site.

We are providing these environmental safeguarding technologies at cost effective pricing structures to encourage the natural gas and mining industries to continue economic development and job creation in municipalities, states and across the nation. The continued economic development will increase tax revenues and operating budgets.

Environmental agencies can rest assured in our commitment to meeting and exceeding water purity standards, as proven in our demonstration to Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection.

FracPure™ provides citizens and communities two major environmental benefits.

Eliminates 4-6 million gallons of fresh water for each natural gas well being taken from lakes, rivers and streams. This will keep your water resources healthy so you and your families can enjoy them.

Cleans up an environmental disaster by turning contaminated waste waters into industrial water supplies.

Citizens will also benefit from continued economic development in their communities. By providing cost effective and environmental solutions for natural gas and mining, water supply and disposal, companies will be able to profitably expand operations creating more jobs and tax revenues for municipal, state and federal government service improvements.
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