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PA DEP final report
Hydraulic Fracturing Problem

Despite the large energy benefits of developing natural gas reserves, there are government agencies and citizen groups that strongly oppose the drilling process hydraulic fracturing or “fraccing”.

Fraccing creates 2 major water major water problems:

  Supplying 4-6 million gallons of fresh water for each well. This water is currently being drawn from local rivers, lakes and streams, negatively impacting water resources.

  The disposal and handling of flowback and produced water.

FracPure™ provides wastewater remediation that will meet Chapter 95 of the Pennsylvania Wastewater Treatment Requirements.

Now there is a way for the natural gas industry to create environmentally responsible
water supply sources and completely remediate frac water without jeopardizing the
health of our rivers, streams and drinking water for millions of people.

Our innovative process, FracPure™, is a revolutionary "cradle to grave" solution which
cost effectively and environmentally solves frac water supply and disposal problems,
while ensuring the safety of our country's precious water supply.
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