Technical Committee

The Technical Committee for Integrated Water Technologies is comprised of former government officials, geologists and experts in various disciplines of water treatment technologies. Their vast experience is invaluable in solving emerging water remediation challenges across multiple industries through the integration of environmental engineering techniques.

Lawrence F. "Bec" Becnel, P.E.

Mr. Becnel is a licensed P.E. in the state of Texas and joined the Technical Committee in 2010 providing expertise in crystallization and desalinization.

He is a retired chemical engineer from Dupont and Texas Brine and was involved in chemical process management for over 40 years. Mr. Becnel held technical and process management positions that included experience in complex petrochemical proprietary processes of DuPont, cogeneration, sodium chloride brine production, treatment (softening), evaporation for salt production, sludge disposal, power and water treatment. 

While at DuPont he was responsible for successful project conception, forecasts, budgeting, design, project engineering and construction liaison, staffing, startup and operation of three diverse projects with investments up to $250 million. He was responsible for two successful large project start ups at Cape Fear, N.C. TPA/DMT and Pontchartrain, LA PPD. 

At Texas Brine LLC, Mr. Becnel was the Manager of Engineering overseeing projects in sodium chloride brine solutions for the mining industry, storage of hydrocarbon liquids and gases in brine caverns, managing corrosion problems associated with brine, treating brine for metals and hardness removal and production of membrane cell grade evaporated salt for chlor-alkali plant feed stock. He was also responsible for Texas Brine’s successful $67 million evaporated salt project, which now supplies the Bayer and United Salt Baytown plants.

Mr. Becnel holds Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Chemical Engineering from LSU and is a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers


James P. Tarzia

Mr.Tarzia joined the Technical Committee in 2011. He is an Executive Director and Principal of Radiation Safety & Control Services, a full-service radiological consulting company founded in 1989.  He has 30 years of experience in Radiation Protection and has held various technical and managerial positions at industrial sites, research reactors, and nuclear power facilities during his career in Health Physics.  He has an M.S. and B.S. in Radiological Sciences and Protection, an M.B.A, is certified by the American Board of Health Physics and has previously held a Sr. Reactor Operator’s license.  Mr. Tarzia’s technical specialties include operational health physics, radioactive waste characterization, internal and external dosimetry, reactor operations, and decommissioning.  Mr. Tarzia has authored many professional papers and resides on several committees.  He is the current Chairman of the New Hampshire State Radiation Advisory Committee and Assistant Chairman of the American Board of Health Physics Part I Exam Panel.


Tom Francis

Mr. Francis joined the Technical Committee in 2011, bringing extensive chemical industry commercial and manufacturing management experience. He is responsible for refining the commercial strategy for the sodium chloride and calcium chloride products that will be produced from the FracPure™ Treatment Process, and for developing the market channels and customer base to assure optimal sales and profits from those products. 

Since 2000, Mr. Francis has been President of Realm Solutions Inc, a consulting firm  providing business and commercial strategy development, strategic and operational integration and implementation, competitive analysis, and profitability optimization services to the petrochemical industry, as well as over-all project management for the construction of a world-scale multiple salts manufacturing facility built by Tetra Technologies in Arkansas.

Prior to this he was the Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Planning for the Chemical Division of Tetra Technologies, during which time Tetra’s chemicals business grew to over 500,000 tons annually, doubled its US market share, and opened markets in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.  He additionally negotiated and structured multiple co-producer agreements to cost effectively meet demand in these new markets, and built a D & T capability unmatched in the industry.

From 1969–1993, Mr. Francis was employed by Dow Chemical in multiple leadership positions, including Business Director of Polycarbonates, and Director of Business Development and Environmental Strategy for Polyethylene. In prior positions at Dow, Mr. Francis was the General Manager of the Arab Peninsula, a Marketing Manager in Dowell’s Oilfield Services Business, and launched Dow’s Reverse Osmosis Business.

Mr. Francis holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York.


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