Past Environmental Remediation Projects

The staff and technical advisors of Integrated Water Technologies bring extensive experience in large scale environmental remediation projects including: landfill construction, site remediation and Superfund Site clean-ups. Integrated Water Technologies focuses this unparalleled experience into providing the most environmental and cost effective water remediation solutions across multiple industries and society.

Below are summaries of a few of the projects our staff and advisors have successfully completed, which are far in excess of 1 billion dollars.

Army Corp of Engineers
Superfund Site OU-1 & OU2
Lonepine Landfill , NJ
Full closure of contaminated landfill. Work included remediation of contaminated areas, installation of impermeable barriers including slurry walls and clay liners. This closure also required groundwater mitigation and wetlands restoration.

Bio-Remediation and Groundwater
Wallar Chemical Co.
Peabody , MA

Superfund Restoration Project
Clean Sites, Inc.
Ft. Valley , GA
Demolition, decontamination and restoration of residential homes and lots.

Superfund Site
Flour Daniel Co.

Southern Illinois Construct a landfill cell for disposal of TSCA incinerator ash.

Asbestos Abatement
Board of Education

Newark , NJ
Completed large asbestos abatement projects while buildings remained occupied. These locations included 707 Broad St., 153 Halsey St. and the Gateway Office Tower Complex.

Methane Gas Collection and Odor Control Project
City of New York
Staten Island , NY
Designed and built the largest landfill methane gas collection system in the world. Work also included construction of a 6 million gallon leachate collection system, gas extraction wells, gas venting systems, flare stations and impervious liner installation. The city of New York received $75 million in federal tax credits upon completion of the project.

Department of the Army
Fort Dixon , NJ
Removal and restoration of underground tank farm at Camp Kilmer, U.S. Army Research Center.

John F. Kennedy Airport
International Arrivals Building

Queens , NY
Removal of 100,000 tons of contaminated soils and provided dewatering system for contaminated groundwater remediation.

Liberty International Airport
Continental Global Gateway Project

Newark , NJ
On-site soil stabilization and disposal of contaminated materials.

Recycling Facility

Staten Island , NY
For over 10 years, own and operate a state-of-the-art, 16 acre recycling facility for manufacturing, various Port Authority, Department of Transportation and New York City DDC approved products.


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